Friday, August 6, 2010

Perks of the JOB!!!

You know, there are some obvious "Perks" of this job. Such as...seeing Tim Tebow walking around without his shirt on, going to use the GIRLS bathroom and walking in on a couple of players using it because the boys one was full, having crazy people call me everyday and having to pretend like I care what they are saying, getting free Broncos gear, reading a whole book during work hours because all the players and coaches are on vacation and there is nothing else to do, seeing Tim Tebow walk around without his shirt on, getting all the free food and diet coke I want, sitting at a lunch table next to Tim Tebow...and Brady Quinn...and Kyle Orton...and...., having my desk be sitting 20 feet from 2 Superbowl Trophies, and 2 Superbowl rings, meeting John Elway, having 10 people tell me a day, I have the coolest jobs ever! And...getting free Rockies tickets, and dang good seats at that! Did I mention getting to see Tim Tebow with his shirt off, and I am still sure he tried to grab by butt when I was filling my water bottle.

Greg and I got the Broncos season tickets to the Rockies Baseball to Tuesdays game against the Giants. They were awesome seats and I even talked Greg into skipping part of his class to come and be my date--I don't think he has skipped class for any other reason this year. I am going to pretend he was willing to skip class for his HOT DATE and NOT  because it was a SPORTING EVENT! (But, deep down, I know the truth) did I mention Greg, that I get to see Tim Tebow with his shirt off.

It was a perfect night--overcast but not cold and not hot!!

Lets just say that the Coors Field Garlic fries do NOT even compare to Invesco's Garlic fries. It makes me want to go to a Mariners game now, just for the fries!!!

I am obviously better at taking pictures with my I-Phone than Greg is. Look at how clear the picture of Greg is?!?! And then look at how UNCLEAR and unfocused the picture of me is...HMMMM!!!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


I stole this picture of my niece off of my sister in-laws blog. IT MADE MY DAY!!! She is soooooooooo cute. Although this picture may be used as a blackmail picture when Lauren is a teenager. It has made me happy. I saved it to my phone and many times a day I will look at it just to smile. It makes me want to pinch one of the 12 rolls in her legs and kiss her chubby cheeks. Oh Lauren you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE! I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mark YOUR Calander--July 16th MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

True to Style...I was able to stretch my birthday celebrations out for 2 weeks. Just how I like it! My birthday was great. Greg had school stuff in the morning so I went on a hike with some of my FAVORITE people.  It was an swesome hike. I really like Denver for that reason. Hiking, Biking, and outdoors stuff is very accessible. And you get to see more dogs than people. You see two people hiking with 4 dogs! Did you know that the average rate of children per houshold in Denver is 1.3 and the average dog per household is 2.5. ReDAMNdiculous if you ask me! And, as I watch the news at night, I am starting to believe that if you abuse your dog, you go to jail but if you abuse your kids, you get a slap on the wrist! Anyway...The hike was so fun! After the hike we met Greg at the pool for a couple of hours. Laying out getting skin cancer is an A in my book!! And I am being serious, I loved it. Then Greg and I went and got frozen yogurt and took a nice afternoon nap. After out lazyness, we decked outselves out, (in jeans and flipflops) and headed to a sushi dinner--MY FAV!!!!

After dinner we went over to my FAVORITE people with whom I had hiked with earlier in the day--THE FRANKS and had yummy "Nothing Bundt Cake" and I got showered with gifts. All of which I loved but I especially like the pregnancy test from 9 year old Emma, to which all of them were so excited for me to open. As soon as it was opened 6 year old Ivy says...Erin do you need to pee right now! --haha! I promised to bring it back after I had pee'd on it. It was a fun night and I love the FRANKS!

Eli aka...GI JOE gave me a Magic Glowing wand for my birthday!

Kara came to town the following weekend to take me out for a birthday pedicure. I think it was the best of my life--not sure if it is because I have been sacrificing for school the last year and made Greg a deal that I would not get any pedicures, and was jsut not used to the pampering. Or if it was really THAT good! Either way I loved it, Thank you KARA!! Kara and I had fun, we went for a hike, tried some yummy food, did a little shopping, and of a pedicure.

Kara and I hiking--people really stared at us when we did not have dogs with us?!?!?!?!

Also to make my birthday special my Relief Society Presidency came by to sing to me and drop off a treat. Such neat ladies who sure take care of me!!

Well unless someone wants to step in and stretch my birthday out for an entire month. I guess I will have to start making my list for what I want next year!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July, SAN ANTONIO style!!!!

Gregs parents are currently on a mission in San Antonio. So Greg and I met his twin sister Erin and her little family in San Antonio for 4th of July weekend to visit Doug and Lucy.  It was a short trip that required as much car time as vacation time. was lots of fun and so good to see everyone.  They were having a Alcoholics Annonymous convention in San Antonio that weekend. Therefore, we had to share the riverwalk with 70,000 recovering alcholics. I was keeping my eye on their drinks, It would be pretty daring to sneak something. But, I still had my eye on them :) It was SO crowded, we were trying to manuever a double stoller through the narrow riverwalk with 70,000 PLUS other tourists. We had yummy Mexican food and went for a boat ride down the river. It was so hot and muggy that I was tempted to fall out of the boat to cool off. I do love the heat, and San Antonio was a neat place but it makes me really really like dry heat. I am a baby when it comes to humitity!!

One of the best finds on the Riverwalk was ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE factory and their caramel apples!! This is how excited Erin and I are waiting for our apples!!
By the way, the dang guy in the back ground, cut in front of us. I even said loud enough for him to hear, "I love when people cut in front of me, take a picture of him." Yet, it did not deter him, he still set his chocolate on the scale, shoved us aside, and walked off, not even phased, chocolate in hand!!

Greg and Ellie!!

 HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!

We jumped in the car and made our long trip home!! It was kind of fun to be trapped in a car with Greg for 16 hours.  He had no where to RUN--hahaha!! He could not even study, beacuse he would get car sick, instead I had his undivided attention! It was GREAT! Although, we were excited to get out of the car finally when we got home and were perfectly fine having alone time for a while. Maybe even for a couple of days. Just Sayin!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Naggy! As girls, we get a labeled as being naggy. It is something I really try hard not to be. I consciencely keep my mouth shut ALOT (although Greg might not think so, I really do) just to avoid being to naggy. But here is my argument. We would not have to be naggy if guys would just do things on OUR time frame. We would only have to ask ONE time, things would get done, we would be happy because what we needed done would be done, and the guys would be happy because we were not nagging because we were happy. Seems pretty simple to me?!?!?! Our vacuum broke a week and a half ago when the house was only half vacuumed. Well, I immediatly said to Greg, will you fix the vacuum to which he agreed. I walked past that vacuum for 10 days, many times a day. Getting more and more annoyed everytime I passed it. Every piece of anything on my floor made me more and more mad. I just kept thinking. Does Greg not notice how dirty the house is? There is no way he was not noticing the big vacuuming in the middle of the hallway. One time I think he even stubbed his toe on it. To which I said in my head "you deserve that, I hope its broken" ( i really did not hope it was broken but I am glad it hurt a little bit)!  Well one night after work, I could not take it anymore...Greg was at school until ten that night so my only option was to fix the vacuum myself.  I took it apart and yelled and cursed it and Greg for an hour and a half. no where, I could not even get one certain part unscrewed to fix it. Every minute just got me more and more mad and Greg and I was starting to think, I really do wish he had broken his toe :)! I even got to the point where I considered just going out and buying a new one. Finally after and hour and a half I text Greg, who was sitting in class, a nasty and very NAGGY text, telling him that "I was sick of the dang vacuum not being fixed and had given him ample time to fix it, and I was going to get more than naggy if he did not fix it!" (It might have even been a little bit more nasty than that, but I am editing for my reputation. I felt a little better after interrupting Gregs consentration in class and giving him my naggy piece of mind that had been builing for 10 days.  He obviously got what I was saying because at ten-thirty at night, Greg walked in the door and straight to the vacuum. And proceeded to spend an hour and a half also trying to fix that vacuum. 

After an hour and a half of watching Greg struggle to fix the vacuum and my glaring eyes sitting across the room saying repeatedly naggy things in my head, the vacuum was fixed!!!

And, I was able to vacuum my house at MIDNIGHT, yes MIDNIGHT for the first time in ten days! But I still don't get it. If guys don't want to feel like we are nagging them, or don't want to feel like "they can do nothing right" then why don't they just do things when we ask the first time?!?! It is simple in my mind :)

Going to the Temple!!!

My Younger sister Kara went through the temple. I was excited to get to fly to Washington to join her. She went through the Columbia River Temple in Tri-Cities.  It was SO neat! After the temple we went to PF Changs and ate until we were sick.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I absolutely HATE living in the same mission as Austin. I drive by places all the time that make me think of him. I see his mission president at church occasionally. I know people who know him. I break into his apartment. I know where he lives. I know where he goes to church. I know some of the people he has baptized. I run into missionaries every couple of days who know him. I go to the temple minutes after he has been there. I go to the same library that he emails in. The AP's of his mission live across the football field from me. I HATE IT, I already hate that missions are two long years. But, now, it is thrown in my face, I think of Austin all day, everyday. I think it makes it way harder. If I did not live close to him, at least I would only have to think about him once a week when I read his emails.
But...I have found one positive out of this HARDSHIP!!! I got to meet Austin for lunch yesterday. I stalk him all the time, but now the fruit of MY labors have paid off. We got permission from his Mission President. It was so fun, we went to a park and had a little pizza picnic.

Austin is FORESURE a missionary geek. But I guess that is better than not being one. At least this way we know he is working hard, and a good missionary. He is following the rules to a T--hence the hidious part you will notice in his hair. Apparently, you have to have a visiable part in your hair. And...Austins is visiable!!! From a mile away! But he still looks HOT and GEEKY at the same time.